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Stoutodreams Fucking killed it <3
Darkoverlord a PFFFFT who needs a full 20 >.> GREAT fucking job guys!!!
Darkoverlord a Who needs 20 people? downed with 16 in raid, great fkn job guys <3
Genetic Monstrosity

Fayytt x Finally some PVP Fixes. Next they need to add some content for the casuals to do, since they will keep the game afloat.
WataMelon Can't wait to drop a bomb on you guys <3
Which game?
If anyone has any smart Ideas of how I can get control of the KZ MASSACRE guild let me know. Originalsumi is name of char in guild.
I wouldn't mind finishing the content in Wildstar though, that game had and in my opinoin still has such potential.
Well if ya do pady lemme know! Currently the guild is on hiatus in regards to raiding due to server pop and well, honestly game pop all together. Bunch of us get together to play warframe (1-4 player, co-op) and league currently.