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Stoutodreams Fucking killed it <3
Darkoverlord a PFFFFT who needs a full 20 >.> GREAT fucking job guys!!!
Darkoverlord a Who needs 20 people? downed with 16 in raid, great fkn job guys <3
Genetic Monstrosity

Fayytt x Finally some PVP Fixes. Next they need to add some content for the casuals to do, since they will keep the game afloat.
WataMelon Can't wait to drop a bomb on you guys <3
And it's refreshed, vent's back online!
Turgon! sorry was changing how many users and it's not back up yet =/ Whats the mighty Turgon been up to?
massacre y u no voicecomm?
Hai Ron <3
Basically cross-platform was going to be a thing but then Xbox live and PS4 network changed as well did ToS for patching content so Digital Extremes said fuckkkkkkkkkk that