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Stoutodreams Fucking killed it <3
Darkoverlord a PFFFFT who needs a full 20 >.> GREAT fucking job guys!!!
Darkoverlord a Who needs 20 people? downed with 16 in raid, great fkn job guys <3
Genetic Monstrosity

Fayytt x Finally some PVP Fixes. Next they need to add some content for the casuals to do, since they will keep the game afloat.
WataMelon Can't wait to drop a bomb on you guys <3
Hai Ron <3
Basically cross-platform was going to be a thing but then Xbox live and PS4 network changed as well did ToS for patching content so Digital Extremes said fuckkkkkkkkkk that
they kept the PC seperate from consoles so that they can push updates without delay or hesitation on the PC, as originally intended. Sony/Microsoft "checks" and verifcations of new content would slow the release of patches and hotfixes down massively
PC, PS4 and Failbox, though each has it's own repsective server atm(no cross-platform play)
Isnt warframe PS4 ? If so I wont have mine fora few days..