Guild Charter

DarkNecessity a posted Jun 19, 14


To join Massacre (hereafter referred to as "the guild” or "clan”) head to our Application page and fill out all questions. All applicants must be 18(+). Once submitted, an application alert will be received by the officers and your application will be reviewed. All replies, including those of the Recruitment Officer will be posted on your application. Acceptance of applications is up to the leaders and members of our community to decide.
• When applying to the guild you must read and accept the Guild Charter. This will explain what we expect of you and what you should expect during your time in our community.
• If accepted, you will have an in game probationary period of approximately one month. After this period you will be promoted from Recruit to Member.

• You must remain active within the guild. If you are going to be absent for a period of time be sure to make a post on the Forums in the raid attendance thread. Members who are inactive without notification may/will be removed from the guild based on leadership decisions.
• Once approved for membership, all new members are required to visit the forums regularly this is our primary mode of communication and for such a large gaming clan one of the only ways we can reach all members with the same information.
• Members are expected to participate in Guild Events regularly (when time permits). You are encouraged to group up with guild members for questing and other group specific activities.


• No drama – period! If you have a problem, seek out an Officer or Community Leader to help you.
• Respect each other. We’re a clan for assholes, misfits, and other rage filled people. But there’s a difference between joking around and straight up being rude.
(ii) As we are a mature guild, swearing/cursing, sexual/racial humor will be permitted. Those who are easily offended should reconsider applying to the guild.

• Fighting with guild members in guild chat is not permitted; you have private chat for a reason USE IT. If an officer tells you to drop it, do so. If you are having constructive debates keep it in private messages as onlookers may not realize this and get the wrong idea.
• Think of your complaints before you make them. If you are constantly complaining about others the problem may lie with yourself and your own behavior.
• The guild communicates in English. If you need to speak in a different language keep it in private messages or find an empty channel on Discord
• If you have issues with a member of another guild/guild member inform an Officer. Do not take this matter on your own as we do wish keep drama to a minimum.
• All members are required to use Ventrilo during Guild Events (no exceptions) and when grouping if the group leader requires you to do so. You are strongly encouraged to use Ventrilo at other times. We’re a social guild and voice chat is a great venue.
• No member should take advantage of cheats or exploits or promote these in any game(s) we play. These issues if witnessed should be reported to the developers of the game at hand. If a guild member is caught exploiting or cheating they will immediately be banned. We do not justify this behavior or tolerate it in any way. If you are caught botting you WILL be banned from our gaming clan.


Section IV - RANKS WITHIN THE GUILD(changes via game)
Ranks are earned, not given.
• Friend/Family: All friends and family are welcome into Massacre as long as they are also accepting of our guild charter.
• Member: All new members start here.
• PvPenis: This rank is for PvP orientated players.
• Raider Prospect: This is our trial raider rank.
• Raider: Raiders are those selected to be able to hold their own in a raid type position. Raiders are required to bring all consumables, be repaired, and on time for each raid.
• Supreme Raider: Members at this rank much hold raid attendance of 75%+ these raiders are held to higher standards.  They have shown their loyalty and are rewarded with the rank of Supreme Raider.
• Officer: This rank is reserved for all staff members of the guild. They often have designated roles such as recruitment, PvE and/or PvP. They help handle problems that may arise within the guild and play an active role in organization. They have qualities in leadership, communication and managing.

• Guild Leader: This rank has supreme power although not used often. If a decision must be made quickly it will happen and it will be final. All hail Darkoverlord our mighty leader!

(ii) Promotions: Promotions are based upon participation, loyalty, and how you carry yourself through the game.

Section V - GROUPING
• You are encouraged to group up with fellow members, but you shouldn’t pester them to help you out. We expect you to be self-sufficient. The guild will provide events, but we can’t hold your hand the whole time.
• Respect your group leader and follow their instructions. It is fine to disagree and/or make suggestions, but the group leader makes the final decision. At the same time group leaders are expected to give solid directions and resolve conflicts in a calm manner. The group leader always reserves the right to remove you from the group. If you have issues with your group leader do contact an Officer or Community Leader for assistance.
• Be realistic: don’t require a position in a group for content much above your own level. Also consider group balance.
• Be a team player and adapt to the situation if necessary. What might work for you while playing solo might not during a group endeavor.
Failure is a great indicator to do better rather than whine. Don’t blame yourself or others, simply admit there’s another way.
• Have fun. Dying is not so bad if you turn it into a drinking/smoking game.


• Any concern or issue should be directed to a Community Leader, Officer or Guild Leader.*
• Problems or issues with another guild should be directed to a Community Leader, Officer or Guild Leader.*
• Problems or issues with an Officer should be directed to the Guild Leader.*

(*) Supporting screenshots or statements may be required.
(*) There is no guarantee of any sort of action, only that the problem or concern will be discussed and resolved in a manner deemed best by the guild staff.


Disciplinary action may be taken if a discussion with an offending member and/or complaint cannot be resolved.
• In all but the most severe cases members will be given a warning. If they continue to offend they will be removed from the guild.
• Recruits who offend and/or do not uphold the charter and general rules of conduct will be removed from the guild.
• Any member who disrespects an officer during a conflict resolution may be removed from the guild. Supporting screenshots will need to be provided.
• The Guild Leader reserves the right to take any actions deemed necessary.


This charter is a living document and will change as the goals and ideals of the guild change.